Are there any missable trophies in GTA San Andreas?

Are there any missable trophies in GTA San Andreas?

Story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the last story mission “End of the Line”. [MISSABLE] Trophy can be missed if you skip the credits as you will not be able to re-watch them.

How do you get platinum in GTA 5?

Play missions for platinum medals and complete a finale without getting hurt. Simply join random missions, or grind in the first Heist, The Fleeca Job until you get 25 platinum medals. See Can’t Touch This for the best missions to do without taking damage.

Who is the leader of Ballas in GTA SA?

Sean “Sweet” Johnson

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Leader Sean “Sweet” Johnson
Members Carl Johnson (underboss) | Big Smoke † (lieutenant, formerly) | Ryder † (lieutenant; formerly) | OG Loc | B Dup (formerly) | Big Bear | Emmet | Big Devil † | Little Devil † | Tony † | Dope

Can you use cheats on San Andreas PS4?

The Cheats and Cheat codes for GTA San Andreas are the same regardless of what PlayStation console you are playing on. With that in mind, here are all of the PS4, PS3 and PS2 Cheats and Cheat Codes: $250,000, Full Health And Armor Cheat code: R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

How many achievements are in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

There are 33 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas achievements worth 2,147 (1,000) 46,139 tracked gamers have this game, 5,474 have completed it (11.86%)

How many achievements are there in Fallout 3?

There are 72 achievements with a total of 1550 points. Escape! Completed “Escape!” Take it Back! Completed “Take it Back!” Those! Completed “Those!” The Bigger They Are… This Galaxy Ain’t Big Enough… Completed “This Galaxy Ain’t Big Enough…”

What are some achievements you can get in GTA Online?

GTA Online: Complete The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew. GTA Online: Invest your hard earned cash to set up a Heist. GTA Online: As Heist Leader set the Finale cut as 25% across all players. GTA Online: Spend a total of $8,000,000 purchasing vehicles included as part of The Heists Update.

How do you get achievement in San Andreas?

Once it is, follow the tracks to any station. There is a station right across the San Fierro garage – get in the train and press to skip the destination until the achievement pops. Easily obtained right out of the gate. Simply head in one direction until you hit water, then get in and press and hold the down.