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Are KDX200 any good?

Are KDX200 any good?

The KDX 200 is one of the best trail bikes ever. The gearing is more than good in the woods, the engine is really powerful and it has very plush suspension (I am only 135 lbs. and it feels soft). I am only 14 so it is hard for me to touch the ground, but the bike is so light that I can hold it up easily.

What was the last year of the KDX 200?

The answer to that question was—very little. The KDX200 went on for another 12 years with very few changes. It was a 26 year run for Kawasaki’s most successful trail bike, ending with the bike being discontinued in 2006.

How much does a KDX 220 weigh?

222.6 pounds

Kawasaki KDX 220 R Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Dry Weight 101.0 kg (222.6 pounds)
Front Percentage of Weight
Rear Percentage of Weight
Weight-Power Output Ratio :

What kind of power system does the Kawasaki KDX200 have?

The KDX200 had Kawasaki’s KIPS (Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System), assisting to maximize mid-range to top end power.

How much does a 1986 Kawasaki KDX cost?

Top it all off with this: All of the 1986 200’s improvements come at a bargain-basement price. The upscale big fork or new disc brake alone would eclipse the $100-mark in a flash, yet, at $1899, the new KDX is only a C-note more costly than last year’s Kawasaki 200.

When did the Kawasaki KDX175 come out?

It was introduced in 1983 after revisions to the preceding KDX175. It has been a long-standing model in Kawasaki ‘s lineup, having been introduced in the early 1980s, seeing several revisions along the way up to the end of its production in 2006.

Why did Kawasaki make the KDX dirt bike?

The KDX sold thousands of units, year in and year out, without any need for reinvestment. The reason it appealed to beginners is clear—it was light, mild-mannered and inexpensive. The reason it appealed to the hardcore enduro cult has something to do with the off-road war between the states.