I am a self-taught artist and a librarian. I live in Ohio with my wife and our two frogs.

This web site collects just about everything I've ever drawn, painted, printed, photographed, published, xeroxed
or made, in chronological order, since I started keeping track back in 1993.

You can email me at mattkish87@gmail.com.

My blog, which I update almost every day with new art, illustration and sketches, can be found here.

My art tumblr, which is identical to the blog, can be found here.

My Nazgul tumblr, which houses my personal and constantly growing collection of Nazgul and Witch-king of Angmar
art commissions, can be found here.

My tumblr where I share art and imagery from other creators which inspires my own work can be found here.

I am on Facebook here.

And finally, I am on Twitter here.